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HOM HO1 Passions


When passion for comfort exceeds all others, and becomes the essential condition in the choice of underwear.

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HOM Classic is the new chic


As its name suggests, HOM CLASSIC , made from cotton modal developed exclusively for HOM, reassures the product is timeless in both style and color, and has you prepared for any occasion.

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HOM ligne Plumes

Plumes : extraordinary second skin sensation

Discover the Plumes range: underwear as light as a feather for a perfect second skin sensation. Manufactured in a micro polyamide elastane for exceptional comfort.

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HOM Huberisation


HOM brand has just joined Austrian group Huber Holding, which is now developing its activities to premium men’s underwear.

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HOM Plumes push up

#Innovation - Plumes Push Up

Some men don’t like their underwear seams to be visible through their trousers...

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HOM Pack hO1

New Packagings HO1

Discover the new HO1 packaging of Autumn / Winter 2016!

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HOM hO1 Classic


HOM’s must have are its boxer shorts with a revolutionary horizontal opening to satisfy the whole male population offering superior comfort with modal material and unique support.

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HOM Urban Camo

Imprimé de la saison - Urban Camo

Why wouldn’t underwear feature prints too? HOM gives a pretty fluid answer to the question, by using the most famous pattern of all: camouflage.

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HOM Collection street

Street Collection

Why shouldn't underwear follow the urban trend? “Tagging, camo, and on-trend prints are styles with a streetwear attitude that will convince you that originality does not have to replace comfort.

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HOM hO1 Clean cut

#Cleancut HO1

Like other products in the HOM range, CLEAN CUT has a mission of invisibility, as if you had a second skin.

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